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Music Licensing

The Gateway Production and music licensing is a North American company that showcases independent artists music for license to film, TV, commercials, internet commercials and advertisements world wide. Choose from our music catalog for a vast variety of music to license for your next project or production.

Hire a Musician

We provide producers to create almost any instrumental you can think of guitars, keys, bass, drums, dj, you name it, we got it. Contact us for all the services we offer. Send us your mix, project files or and hire a studio producer to create your next big hit.

Hire a Singer

We record professional vocal tracks for musicians, composers, and producers. Our vocalists are highly trained industry professionals, and can perform a broad range of musical styles and genres. Send us your mix, project files, or stems, and choose a vocalist that is perfect for you.

Hire a Songwriter

If you’ve got music, or even a melody, we’ll produce your song just the way you want it. We’ll write original music specifically for your song in the style of your choice. Co-publish your songs with us a get song mastering, album artwork, and submission to iTunes and more.