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To discover why it is worth submitting your music to


  • Your music will be licensed for film, tv, advertising and many other commercial uses. You then have a chance to earn good money and gain a lot of exposure.
  • Your music will appear on our website and professionals can license it automatically on any day and at any time of the week from anywhere in the world.
  • Your music will be regularly pitched by our music licensing managers to hundreds of music supervisors who work in film, tv and advertising.
  • We will press promo CDs and DVDs with your music and send them to professionals in film, tv and advertising for perusal.
  • Your music may be used for In-stores streaming gaining you a chance to earn money and be promoted to the public.
  • We also sell digital downloadable versions of your album / EP.
  • Your music may be used for podcasts, web radios and non commercial projects, helping you to gaining notoriety.
  • You have the chance to become part of a highly selected yet diverse music catalogue.


  • It’s 100% free for the musician to join our service and use it. Many companies ask you a fee to submit your music for film, tv and advertising placements.
  • Non exclusive agreement. You can join any other service you would like to be part of.
  • Musicians earn 70% of all sale profits.
  • Back end royalties are 100% yours. When we place your music in film, tv advertising or other commercial uses, only the sync fee is split 30/70 with us. It means you can earn a lot of money if we manage to place your music in a major production. No other company in the world does that. Most companies ask you for a cut also on the back end royalties.
  • The agreement with Thegateway can be terminated anytime with a simple 60 days written notice.
  • Your music will be distributed under a Creative Commons license. Sharelike-Attribution-Non commercial 3.0. It means people can use your music and share it for free for non commercial uses as long as they credit your name within their projects. We think this increases your popularity and may help you to gain notoriety. We always try to control if people may be misusing your music.

We select our music VERY carefully. Due to the large amount of music submissions,
it will take us up to 4 weeks to get back to you with a feedback.

For possible inclusion in our catalogue, please upload a minimum of 4 tracks in Mp3 (minimum 128kbps) or Wav format.
Alternately you can indicate a weblink by writing to

If you are already a Gateway artist, please login before submitting new music